Stray Kids I Am You Short Sleeve Hoodie


NEW short-sleeved Stray Kids sweater that is light and airy to wear. On the back of each hoodie, each member’s name are on the back.
Estimated delivery time is 2-4 weeks.

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Bang Chan (Stray Kids)Changbin (Stray Kids)Felix (Stray Kids)Han (Stray Kids)Hyunjin (Stray Kids)IN (Stray Kids)Jeongin (Stray Kids)Lee Know (Stray Kids)Seungmin (Stray Kids)Woojin (Stray Kids)
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Additional information

Band Members

Bang Chan (Stray Kids), Changbin (Stray Kids), Felix (Stray Kids), Han (Stray Kids), Hyunjin (Stray Kids), IN (Stray Kids), Jeongin (Stray Kids), Lee Know (Stray Kids), Seungmin (Stray Kids), Woojin (Stray Kids)


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