About Us

Who Are We
We are a small team of K-pop fans just like you! Back in 2010, we discovered a Korean girl group named SNSD or Girl’s Generation from watching their Gee music video on YouTube. Their cute or aegyo looks, personalities, and synchronized dancing immediately captured our attention. From that time, we’ve listened to 2NE1, Big Bang, Super Junior, Shinee, Wonder Girls, BoA, and so much more. The K-pop industry has grown and changed with new groups such as TWICE, EXO, BTS, and more. It’s been amazing to see the international fanbase overwhelmingly grow and stay loyal to their biases. We’re excited to start a new shop to show our love for K-pop music, grow a bigger K-pop community in the US and connect with other fans.

Very Kpop Shop is committed to offering good quality K-pop merchandise such as phone cases, t-shirts, hats, and more. Very Kpop Shop is based in New York City (NYC), USA, offering unique items that any fans would like. We hope to see you wearing our items soon!

– Very Kpop Shop Team